Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Coffee "Grounds"

Today’s post is a little different. No recipe. Don't be mad, k?

I do, however, have a “gardening” tip that I thought you all might find useful. If you are not a gardener, it’s okay. Don’t delete me yet.

If you drink the java, you may like this.

If you have a garden, or a lawn, or plants, you may like this.

If you want to lessen your trash load a tad, you may like this.

If you like things that are easy, you are in the right place!

Here it is:
Put a container next to your coffee maker and instead of throwing your coffee grounds into the trash, put them in this container. Every few days, add water to the grounds. Then, sprinkle them directly on your lawn, in your garden, or in your potted plants.

Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen; in fact, they are approximately 1.45% nitrogen. They also contain magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other trace minerals. ( coming in handy, as always.)

Sorry to veer from the usual, friends, but I was so excited to learn this tip a couple weeks ago, I just had to share it, especially knowing how many of you drink coffee. See, I’m FINALLY starting my compost bin when I get back from vacation. (This is after three years of deciding I wanted one. I tend to really drag “projects” out.) And, I learned this in the process of getting ready. I figure it one small step in the right direction, yes?
Thanks for letting me share!


  1. I keep saying I'll compost, but then I don't have a garden... I feel a little pange of guilt whenever I throw out my paper towels and food prep waste (peels, and such)...

  2. This is a great tip Jeannie. I have wanted a garden for some time and to compost as well but we've had bears and moose and fox roaming our backyard for the past two years. It ruled a few things out :) Perhaps I will get my chance in the land down under ...

  3. Also, I like veering from the usual. Keeps people on their toes!

  4. We have a condo, so no garden. However, we have several houseplants that Rob has managed to keep alive for THREE WHOLE YEARS! It's a freaking miracle. I can't claim any credit whatsoever - he is in charge of the plants. But because he takes on this job and does it so well (or at least well enough to have 3 living green things in our little condo), I will start saving my coffee grounds for him. He's so freaking proud of himself, it would be nice if I did something to help the effort, right?

  5. Chimmy, I know! I've been planning to start a compost pile for years - so sad. But, REALLY, i'm starting it when I get back from NY. I'll post an update then.

    Erin, I guess you've had a good excuse. ;-)
    Kelly, right on! They might have a huge growth spurt - do you have room for that? ;-)

  6. Help a brutha out would ya kel? Geez, I mean the poor man is trying to keep 3 house plants, 2 pugs, 1 toddler and 1 *semi* demanding wife alive. Throw the man a bone, would ya??

  7. And, if you don't drink coffee yourself, most coffee houses (Starbucks, Peets, independents) will GIVE you bags of their coffee grounds. Just walk up to the counter and ask: Do you have any coffee grounds for my garden? They've never said no when I've asked. And my roses LOVE this. Also, I think the aphids don't, because I have fewer of them.