Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seal Team

As most of you already know, I was a personal trainer for several years before trading in my sneakers and spandex for my oh so glamorous day job as mom, maid and short-order cook. However, it wasn't until I moved to Denver, where the weather is more often fantastic than not, that I started teaching fitness boot camps. I am now a HUGE proponent of boot camp style exercise. There's something magical about how intense, outdoor group fitness classes can transform you, both mentally and physically.

First of all, there's just no substitute for good old fashion fresh air combined with a friendly ass-kicking. Combine that with an opportunity to meet new people and be pushed beyond your limits and you have the recipe for success. It's also relatively cost-effective. A private personal training session can cost upwards of $70/hour and most boot camps charge around $10-$15 per class. You get the same instruction, experience and motivation for a fraction of the price. And, since every workout is different you are constantly challenging new muscles which is the key to seeing results. Finally, of course, there is the accountability factor. Most of us, by nature, are more likely to keep a commitment if we have made a verbal and/or financial commitment to do so.

Once upon a time my sister-in-law was not much for exercising. Sure, she was always active, you know, working in the garden and chasing children but she would typically not run unless she was being chased. And then she discovered Seal Team training which is essentially an outdoor boot camp that is run by ex-Navy Seals. Can you say, hard core?

Anyway, she absolutely LOVES this training program and has been doing it for a few years and, two years ago, she started running marathons. That's right people, MARA-FREAKING-THONS. The same girl who used to shake her head in confusion when I would say I loved running now chooses to run. I know that she attributes much of her lifestyle change to her experiences with Seal Team. (Alycia, please add your two-cents in the comments about your experiences with this particular program. You've always had nothing but the best things to say about it.)

The reason I'm telling you this is that she recently informed me that Seal Team has just started offering classes in the Northern Virginia area. I know many of you reside in the NoVa/DC area and I thought you might be interested in checking out this program. Spring is here and there really is no better time to get outdoors and get your heart pumping.

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  1. I did a boot camp class through the Y for 8 weeks and found it to be VERY was inside though b/c it was during the dead of winter. Would love to do an outdoors one.

    When the stars align and I can get my consistent healthy eating to coincide with working out! :)

  2. So checking it out.. I've been making healthier eating choices, thanks in large part to FAL, but my workout needs a jumpstart.

    (I'm secretly hoping that hot navy seals will be involved.)

  3. You should TOTALLY check it out Chimmy. Alycia has always raved about it and nothing will jump start the workouts like a boot camp.

  4. Boot camps are the best! I started a boot camp in Denver almost a year ago and cannot say enough about how great it is...and for all of the reasons Erin mentioned.

    If you are in Denver, check out SoulFire Fitness ( I really noticed the difference it's made when I was working out by myself while on the east coast for 5 weeks. Wow, someone else pushing you really does make you work harder. Now a boot camp by a Navy Seal, kudos to you all!

  5. No way Jeannie ... you work out with Taylor-Morgan? My friend Cassidy turned me on to T-M's boot camp and she really is good. A bit of a kook but a fantastic workout!

  6. Erin, how funny!! Yes, she is kooky, but great!