Monday, May 17, 2010

Another for the Wee-Ones

I found another crowd-pleasing quinoa mixture for the little ones this weekend. It even got rave reviews from a certain difficult-to-please-little-peanut of ours:

In a food processor, I mixed together a cup or so of cooked quinoa, a baked sweet potato (skin removed) and a ripe banana along with a teaspoon of cinnamon. Voila, dinner was served ... and even enjoyed.

This, along with the quinoa, black bean and banana puree, freezes well so don't be afraid to make a big batch and then store in smaller containers in the freezer. We do and it definitely makes the age-old question, 'what's for dinner mom?' an easy one to answer.

Bon appetite!


  1. sounds delicious... i've always liked homemade kiddie food :)

    those bibs are ridiculously cute!

  2. yum! I agree with Chimmy - LOVE the bibs.

  3. Indeed, bibs tell it all. Yummy is following in Dad's footsteps; i.e., whatever its name and even toasted cardboard "tastes great! Gimme more! But where's the Beef?" Love those babies, #11 and #12.

  4. Just wanted you to know this. Hubby got me a new computer today. I love everything about it except that all my bookmarks went away. So I had to search Glennon's blog to find the link to you so I could bookmark you again. Hope this makes up for the fact I still haven't bought quinoa. It's on the list. Really.