Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So Long Soda Update

Big news people. Big. I'm talking HUGE.

Since this post, my dad has not had a single soda. Not one. That's over an entire month without soda. It just goes to show that you can teach and old dog (no offense dad) new tricks. Who knew?

So, it got me thinking about how everyone else is doing with their various goals. Em, are you adding in strength training? Kelly, are you getting in that extra day of cardio? Chimmy, are you exercising like it's part of your soul once again? Courtney, are you walking on the treadmill? Glennon, are you squeezing in a day or two of yoga - perhaps on your new porch overlooking the bay?

Consider this post a friendly little nudge to remind yourself of your goals. Perhaps you need to adjust those goals to fit within your current life-demands. That's okay. It's never an all-or-nothing proposition because, here at Full At Last, we are always focused on progress, not perfection.


  1. Progress not perfection, LOVE it!

    For once in my life, I am somewhat on target at least with exercise. Since I did the 1/2 marathon, I've actually been very motivated to keep exercising and lose weight.

    My goals I've set for myself are strength training 3 times a week and cardio 3 times a week. Trying to toss it up between swimming, biking, & running as I'm doing a triathlon in September and maybe June.

    Now IF I CAN JUST GET MY EATING UNDER CONTROL!!!!!!! I hardly overeat, it's just the sweet treats that my body clings to like its last breath...I cannot budge an INCH or I will not only not lose but will gain. My metabolism is akin to an ant eater's.

    I have to work HARD for a month to lose 8-10 pounds and literally gain back 5 over a weekend and I'm not talking bingeing & sweets galore...just a few things here & there that send me into gaining.

  2. LWL: Great job on the exercise and that is awesome that you are going to do a triathlon!!

    Also, often when we crave sweets it's because we aren't eating enough calories earlier in the day, so our blood sugar drops and we crave sweets like crazy. That craving is often telling us that our bodies need more energy/calories.

    So, I would suggest keeping a food journal for a few days to see where/when/what you are eating so you can better assess your body's needs. If you always crave sweets at say 3pm, try having a sensible snack of high-quality whole grain carbohydrate with a little fat and a little protein that will sustain you.

    This would be good for you to do as well Jeannie b/c I know you said you eat healthy but have a wicked sweet-tooth come late afternoon. I'm the same way. But if I eat enough calories and fiber-rich foods earlier in the day I seem to do much better.

    Also, LWL, 8-10 lbs is a LOT to lose in a single month. Slow but steady definitely wins the weight-loss race in the long run. But I think the cross-training you get from tri-training combined with the weight-training will yield great results for you!

  3. Good job, LWL. I haven't been as consistent as I'd like, but I have been trying to get some form of exercise in at least 3 days a week. I'm trying to "write" activity into my life, into my soul!

    Progress, not perfection! That's my new mantra :)

  4. So impressed with your dad! Has he "felt" different/better or been drinking more water? Does he drink any caffeine now? Working on cutting down my diet soda consumption and want more details!! I am running a 10 mi race on Sat that I am worried I was more ready for 2 weeks ago...

  5. He says that he feels better and is sleeping better (mostly b/c he's not sucking down soda right before bed I imagine). And he is drinking more water which is a huge step for him as well. The more water you drink, the more you crave it and the better you feel. So keep it up!

  6. no, I'm not doing great on my cardio. BUT, I have almost completely eliminated Diet Coke from my diet. I have MAYBE 1 per week. And I am drinking more water, and drinking a green smoothie most days.

    Next objective is to actually focus on my exercise/cardio. I do have a DVD, I just need to break it out once in a while....

  7. wow, kelly, that is great! good job on the D.C. reduction, i know that was a tough one for you. and BRAVO for including the green drink into your diet.

    that is some serious PROGRESS my friend. and you know how i feel about progress :-) i dig it. and i dig you.

  8. oh, and I almost forgot -- last weekend, I actually, FINALLY, convinced Rob to start taking JP!!! he has been feeling like crap, and I kept calmly saying, "you know, you could take my JP too. It really helps with your digestion, cleansing your system. It will give you more energy. You don't have to, but I have it here if you want to try it." and then last Friday, he says, "so where is the JP stuff?"

    so I count that as a progress for the Stone family team ;-)

  9. Hi Erin! First time poster but I've been reading for a few weeks. I'm enjoying all the health tips and it's nice to have that daily reminder to be better to my body! I love the "progress not perfection". I may have to steal it, it is totally me. I'm working on walking twice a day and limiting my cheez-it obsession. I'm not sure about the cheez-it obsession, but since the weather changed I'm getting the walking in. One out of two ain't bad, right?

  10. I am so off the hook. When you said Kelly, I thought you meant me and had just spelled it wrong. Ha ha... but, now that you mention it, I fell off the wagon with the kids out of school last week. Didn't go to the gym as often. BUT, I did a lot of yard work. We're pulling out English ivy, bagging it, and hauling the bags up the street. Yesterday I sawed down a tree. Section by section. No kidding. I've also picked up some poison ivy through all this...no pain, no elimination of non-native invasive species. Sigh.

  11. Carin - that's great! Walking is excellent and limiting cheez-its is good too. PROGRESS, sister; not perfection. Keep moving in the right direction and eventually you will get there. Wherever 'there' is :)

    Good job!