Monday, February 22, 2010

Five for Five!

Ever since the twins were born my formerly fabulous relationship with working out has been less than stellar to say the least, hence the need for the FAL Fitness Challenge. I could give you all the reasons why I don’t get to the gym on a regular basis – and I think they are really good reasons too – but the bottom line is that I haven’t made it a priority and any “reason” I have for not doing it is just an excuse, a little lie I tell myself.

However, I am chock full of really good intentions. A few months ago when I decided I would resume working out on a regular basis we decided that the mornings would work best for me. The only problem is that I would rather be SLEEPING at double-O’dark-early, not sweating. I prefer to ease into my day … you know, savor a mug of hot coffee, maybe have a bite to eat and check my email before I actually do anything. So the idea of bolting out of my cozy, warm bed to venture out into the cold, dark winter morning seemed, well, barbaric.

Nonetheless, I was determined. As we lay in bed that Sunday night several months ago Eric asked if I was planning to go to the gym in the morning. I responded with a robust fist pump and shouted “five-for-five baby!” to seal my intention for going to the gym every morning that week. Eric rolled his eyes, which is his usual response for most of my comments, and we called it a night.

Morning arrived too soon, as it usually does, and Eric nudged me lovingly and told me it was time for me to hit the gym. I replied with an equally loving verbal assault and threw the covers over my head and went back to sleep. That scenario has replayed itself so many times in our house over the past few months that it is now a running joke. (And, if you must know, I think my record is a whopping two-for-five. Baby steps people.)

But I am going for a new record this week with an all new challenge. I mentioned yesterday that I was planning on having a green smoothie (recipe to follow later this week) every morning this week in an attempt to sort of clean out my system a bit and energize my body. Eric said, “oh yeah, five-for-five?” in his usual mocking tone. The next thing I knew I was accepting the five-for-five-for-four challenge which, given my track record, is a bit over zealous.

Starting today, for five days, I will be enjoying the ultimate nutritious breakfast each morning, a green smoothie, and working out every single day. But here’s the kicker: I will be doing so WITHOUT a single alcoholic beverage or cup of coffee. Those of you who know me are probably shaking your heads in disbelief right now. You’re thinking, it can’t be done. You might be right.

Originally, it was supposed to be a five-for-five-for-five challenge that included me not cursing or yelling at the husband or the children all week. However, that seemed like cruel and unusual punishment. I mean, without coffee I will be cranky and without wine I will be on edge so it’s unreasonable to think I won’t be yelling at someone, right? And by someone I mostly mean Eric.

It will still be quite a test for this little Monkee, but I do have an incentive: if I am successful and as I write this I am full of my usual Sunday night confidence, Eric will take me out to dinner this weekend. This is no small bet on his part. Going out to eat involves the two things he dislikes most: getting dressed and spending money.

So, friends, keep your fingers and toes crossed for me and keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I’m going to need all the help I can get.

Five-for-five baby!


  1. Well, I assume you made it out of bed this morning as you posted this at FOUR SOMETHING IN THE MORNING!!! Wow...

    Yay for you setting your sights high while achievable!

  2. Erin, with the prayers and thoughts lifting you, hopefully your green smoothie and work-outs will be so successful you'll be too TIRED to yell and curse!

    I'm thinking there's no creme-de-menthe in that smoothie though. Bummer.

  3. I am right there with you today Erin. I was up at 4:40AM for bootcamp. First time in weeks. And it felt GREAT!

  4. My Erin is a hero. Don't mess with her, World. Don't doubt her either. Warning you.

  5. I have ALL the confidence in you sister....because you are ONE STUBBURN MONKEE!!!


  6. Good luck, Girl! You got this!

    I've drastically reduced my coffee intake.

    Consequently, I have been drinking a lot of tea. Lots and LOTS of tea.

    Caffeinated jet black tea.

  7. Erin, Oh how I identified with this post. I have always tried to make myself a morning exerciser, but to no avail. Even a 9:15 boot camp was too early for me. Good luck girl!!! You've got this one!

  8. Good luck Erin! I'm rooting for you!

  9. Lack of coffee is maka-me-crazy!!

  10. Lack of coffee would make me go postal!!!


    I mean life is just way to short to give up something so delightful and neccesary.

  11. Okay ladies, I just had my annual mammogram last week (mom is a survivor so I started early)...didja know that coffee drinkers typically experience MORE discomfort during this procedure? Yep, the caffeine intake helps make more rigid tissues in our if you want LESS discomfort, cut back on the caffeine.

    I was doing really well on this until the BIG SNOW THAT WOULDN'T goals. >'<